Album: Rehearsal Tapes and Deep Cuts 2010/11 (2011)

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Song: Consumed By The Black (Live Take)

Bitrate: 320kbps

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┼Nolan Barth┼ - Vocals and Blaspheme ┼Martin Ortiz┼ - Guitars and Chaos
┼D.M. Eppley┼- Bass and Destruction ┼Ian Howell┼- Assault and Battery

Ardennes was spawned almost at the heart of winter in West Grove Pennsylvania, 2009 by Martin Ortiz David King and Nolan Barth, just playing cover songs by Mayhem and old school Satyricon with just one original horribly written track that, at the time, we thought was totally "kvlt". Eventually we wrote some more original and well written tracks, that's when we decided to get serious and spread our hateful and grim attitudes towards the masses and religion to the world. After maturing in our song writing and our first show in October of 2010, we let go our former drummer, David King, and turned into something else. Once we acquired our new drummer, Ian Howell, and a new bassist, D.M. Eppley, we sought to spread our malicious torment and our hate for the conformist society to the world